BACM-TEAM is today one of the growing bands of small professional unions operating within a range of diversified and specialist industries in the UK. However the union of today is a far different organisation from its early years.

Originally founded in the early 1940s within the mining industry, the Association then known as YACOS (Yorkshire Association Colliery Officials and Staff) set out to represent colliery officials and staff within the Yorkshire region.

From the outset, membership grew rapidly and colliery branches began to form outside of the Yorkshire area. During this period a new title was agreed, the British Association of Colliery Officials and Staff (BACOS). Then, in May 1947, as nationalisation of the coal industry took place a further name change to; the British Association of Colliery Management (BACM) occurred.

Until privatisation of the coal industry in 1994 the Association remained largely unchanged in both its structure and membership base. However, following privatisation, the Associationís membership changed considerably with its members now being employed in a wide range of industries including finance, distribution, manufacturing, technical administration and utilities as well as its original roots in mining.

In 1997, with the rising spread of the Associationís influence and to reflect its now rapidly changing membership, the Association agreed to incorporate a new section for its technical, energy, administrative staff and management members (TEAM) into its rules. Consequently, at its 1998 Annual Conference the membership decided that a full change of title was required to better reflect its current and potential membership.